Post2Blog kostenlos

Noch knapp 18 Stunden gibt es Post2Blog bei kostenlos zum download, danach wird es wieder $39 kosten. Wichtig ist dabei auch die Installation im Zeitlimit.

Post2Blog is a powerful desktop editor for WordPress, MovableType, Typepad, Livejournal, Drupal blogs (other blog types are supported as well).

It delivers a nice, well-designed interface and a set of unique functions such as automatic images (Imageshack, Flickr, FTP) uploading and live spell checking.

Program integrates itself with Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Word, FeedDemon, RSS Bandit and Sharp Reader.

Using “Portable Version” wizard a ‘portable’ copy of the program (with all the settings) can be saved to a USB stick or a flash drive that you can take with you whenever you go!

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